How to sell Hobart as your next conference destination in 5 easy answers

So you’ve been asked to provide information on potential destinations for your next conference or event and of course, Hobart is on the top of the list.  So what are the key things that you need to know to help with that final decision?  Here are a quick few ideas on how to pitch Hobart to that sceptical person in the team:

  1. Delegates LOVE Hobart!  We know it sounds like a pure sales pitch when we say that, but it really is true.  As one of Australia’s hottest leisure destinations, Hobart is the place on everyone’s lips right now.  Why’s that so great for your next event? Simple, delegates want an excuse to visit us which means great early registration pick up, excited delegates creating a buzz around the event (before, during and after) and finally, being a small destination your delegates will be able to create a sense of community that is hard to match in the bigger cities.  There really is something to be said for having the ability to take over a city with your event!
  2. Everything is in walking distance – well nearly anyway! Why is this so great? Because it means your delegates are not wasting hours sitting on a bus on the way to a function or activity. And if you do need to you a bus transfer then you’ll be there in 20 minutes thanks to how close everything is.
  3. It’s not as cold – or wet as you think. A fun fact that Hobart is Australia’s 2nd driest capital city behind Adelaide. So what does that mean for your event, that even if it is a little cool during winter, we have beautiful clear blue skies with the same kind of temperatures you expect from Melbourne.
  4. We can do conferences for 1,100 here at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart.  We have 11 flexible event spaces which are great for groups from 10 to 1,100+. Did you also know that our largest ballroom can seat 800 for a Gala Dinner or 80 3x2m trade exhibition booths? Want to explore more of Hobart, then don’t worry because there are offsite options to suit you no matter what your size.
  5. MONA is just the start of your Hobart adventure. From the best local produce and beverages to suit every taste (beer, cider, wine, gin, vodka and whisky just to get you started) to team building activities that are sure to get your delegates hearts racing, there really is something for everyone in Hobart. Ask our team for suggestions on how to add some WOW to your next event in Hobart.
  6. It’s never been cheaper or easier to get to Hobart. We know we said the top 5 things but we just couldn’t leave this one off the list!  Direct flights now land into Hobart from Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Only Canberra and New Zealand to go and we’ve hit all the major routes. Watch this space as we keep our fingers crossed for announcements soon from the airlines.