It’s no secret that we think Hobart is the perfect destination for your next event.  You think so too, but need some help to convince that one last person who’s holding up the decision?  Let us help you out with a few quick corrections to the most common arguments against Hobart being an amazing conference location.

1. Hobart can’t do large events – completely untrue 

Here at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, we can do conferences for 1,100+ people with ease.  We have a dedicated plenary hall, exhibition space for 125 booths, 9 additional meeting rooms plus 244 accommodation rooms, all located onsite.

2. There is nowhere to hold my dinner – not true 

Thanks to our friends at Princes Wharf 1 (PW1) and Mac2, conference dinners for up to 1,200 are done with ease. Both of these venues are located a short walk from the Hotel which means NO BUSES! Seriously though, it’s actually quicker to walk than to drive it. We’d be happy to talk to you about doing the catering here as well just to make it even easier still.

If you don’t want to take your attendees offsite then just take a look at what we can do.

Take a look at this – Click Here

3. We’re closer to Melbourne than Sydney is – getting here is easy.

Think this one says it all. Don’t believe us then check out these links from the lovely folks at webjet. You can also check out the direct flights from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth while you’re there.

4. It’s wet and cold in Hobart – FALSE!

Hobart is the 2nd driest capital city in Australia behind Adelaide.  In fact, it rains so little we think heavy rainfall is getting 10ml in 24 hours! You’re not completely wrong that Tasmania enjoys rain (making it green and lush), it does, but this is in the north of the state.

Oh, and our daily temperatures are very similar to Melbourne year-round, except we get more sunshine and less cloud than Melbourne. Think clear blue skies and you’ve got Hobart in mind.

5. There’s more to Hobart than MONA – TRUE

We know that MONA is a must-do when you’re in Hobart, but there is so much more to discover during your visit than this. Whether you’re a foodie, an explorer or just want to soak in the Tasmanian culture and spectacular backdrop, Hobart has something for you. With the city’s perfect union of adventure, history, culture, and amazingly fresh local produce and beverages, you and your delegates will be spoiled for choice.

There’s just so many unique and wonderful experience that you can include throughout your event calendar. For those who are more adventurous, just take a look at what you can do in 3 days in Hobart.

3 Days in Hobart – Thrill-Seeking Adventure – Click Here  or maybe you’re a looking for Foodie Adventures – Click Here