Paddock to plate, food miles, or local food may be the buzz words in the events industry at the moment, but in Tasmania, we don’t consider it a trend. It’s just how we live. Talk to any Tasmanian and they will tell you the best places to source whatever produce you need to create food envy amongst your friends.

With more awareness of how food is sourced and the negative impacts that occur as a result of not eating locally, consumers are actively choosing to source locally when possible. So how does this trend translate to events? Nationally, we have seen major centres change their menus to source as much produce from their surrounding areas.  And for us, well its business as usual when it comes to delivering the best, freshest and most local produce available.

There’s a reason why we don’t need to source anywhere else, especially with our organic farming, premium fresh produce, and speciality foods which we are renowned for. Here’s a taste tester of some of our favourite produce that is literally within driving distance from our doorstep.

Barilla Bay Oysters – 15 min drive

From the cold, clean pristine waters of South East Tasmania, Barilla Bay oysters are some of the most flavoursome oysters you will find in the southern hemisphere, and we like to think in the whole world. Our oysters have an international reputation for being full of flavour with sweet undertones, unlike the bitter texture you would be likely to find elsewhere.

Grandvewe Cheese – 45 min drive

Tasmania has gained a reputation for making some of the most exquisite cheese in the world. Apart from our cheese being so delicious, our cheesemakers are also innovative. I mean, we make cheese from sheep whey!

Grandvewe Cheese makes some of the most delectable varieties of sheep cheese from Brebichon, Halloumi, White Pearl, Sapphire Blue and their newest addition The Gin Herbalist.

Oh, and did we mention that they also make Gin and Vodka from the Whey too? Check these guys out if you want to try the best Vodka in the world – we’re not just saying that, according to the World Vodka Awards in 2017 it really is!

Tassal Salmon – 90 min drive

Salmon is one of the most popular fish to eat in the world. From humble beginnings, Tassal salmon has become the leading Atlantic salmon producer in Australia, while still being environmentally friendly.

Tassal has been bringing mouth-watering, fresh and healthy salmon from the pristine waters of Tasmania and delivering them to the tables of diners around the world. Their rich flavour and flexible produce keep the Tasmanian salmon industry reputation alive.

You see, being a small island state does have its advantages when it comes to produce being only a short drive away. Why don’t you give your attendees an interactive experience of food tasting, whilst being entertained by the producers themselves. Talk to our team about the “Meet the Maker Experience” and see how you can intertwine this into your event.