RELAX! You’ve beaten the traffic, checked your luggage, made it onto the plane, and flown to Hobart. You’re done with the stress until you get back on the plane.

Less than 10 minutes after disembarking, you’ve got your luggage and are heading into the City thinking “Wow, wasn’t that easy?”

Hobart is one of the easiest cities in Australia when it comes to the airport commute. Whether you take a taxi, Uber or Skybus, there are literally only two sets of traffic lights between the Airport and the Hotel.

Thanks to your relaxing welcome to Hobart, you’re raring to go and can’t wait to catch up with everyone that you may have not seen since the last conference, or new friendly faces that you can’t wait to start networking with.

With 350+ flights arriving every week it has never been easier to get your delegates to Hobart. There are more flights arriving from more destinations than ever before. Hobart is now connected with direct flights from Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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