The weather may be starting to get cool but Hobart has never been hotter.  

With clear blue skies, crisp but cool days, very little rain and maybe some snow on the mountain, Hobart really is a winter wonderland like no other.

But what is it that makes Hobart like no other city in Australia at this time of year? Well, we think that it’s the passion of Tasmanians to celebrate the season with seemingly endless festivals or with mulled wine over open fires that help create the special atmosphere that is winter in Tasmania.

If you are looking for a destination for your event that will provide a different experience for your delegates then we suggest that look no further than Hobart. So why is Hobart right for your next winter event? Here are just a few reasons why Hobart is so hot right now

  • Cool weather gives you a chance to encourage your delegates to embrace the season and rug up, essentially shaking off their emotional ‘business suit’ by embracing jeans, hoodies, scarves and puffer jackets. Yep, your delegates will love the chance to get into a ‘Tassie Tuxedo’ for a few days.
  • Encourage greater delegate interaction through networking experiences like nowhere else.  Imagine doing your Welcome Reception at a craft brewery where your delegates sit outside around fire pits (no safety barriers in site), drinking some locally brewed beer and ciders whilst dining from a selection of food trucks.   Yep, that’ll help break down barriers and get everyone talking.
  • Ever seen snow? We’re always surprised by how many Australians have never seen snow – even in the distance.  Don’t worry we’re not saying that it snows in the City, but Hobart does sit at the base of Mount Wellington which does get snow during the winter months.  It may not be suitable for alpine sports but nothing beats the view from the top of the mountain when it’s covered in snow.  Oh, and you’ll love the looks of your delegates face when they see snow for the first time. Don’t forget to rug up though (a great idea for a delegate gift with a difference!)
  • Winter is actually considered the offseason for leisure tourists. Why is this great for your next event? Well not to be crude and talk about money but offseason does mean that you may get more bang for your buck! Oh, and availability will be much better than during peak conference and leisure season.

Looking for an excuse to head to Hobart to check out winter first hand? Here are 3 festivals you need to put in your diary now: