We’re always on the lookout for new ideas to recommend for groups visiting Hobart so to check we’ve got the best of the best on the list we did a quick poll of the team to find out their favourite incentive activity. Not wanting anyone to overthink it we did a snap poll which went a little like “Tell me your favourite activity in Hobart – You have 43 seconds, and GO!)”.  This is what they came up with – and before you ask, no MONA allowed as you already know how amazing that is!

Mount Wellington Descent

Hobart is pretty well known as a Mountain city thanks to the spectacular kunanyi / Mount Wellington, so what better way to really see the mountain than riding a bike down it!  This tour is perfect for all fitness and adventure levels and is a great way to get the blood pumping after a conference session.  Check out the website for more details.



Do you have a group that loves getting outdoors and having some fun of a different kind? Redbanks is a definite must for your group.  With 400acres to explore, Redbanks is not your ordinary team building activity.  Located 45 minutes from Hobart, your delegates will have the opportunity to test their skills at a range of challenges such as archery, axe throwing, rifle shooting, clay target shooting, paintball, kayaking, or for the more active groups, there’s always the obstacle course to try.


Hobart Yachts

Have a competitive group?  Hobart Yachts can arrange a Sydney to Hobart style regatta to test which team really has what it takes.  More up for a relaxing cruise whilst enjoying some of Tasmania’s finest product? This can be arranged too.  The team at Hobart Yachts are happy to tailor an experience for your group so make sure they are on the program for your next event in Hobart!


Alcohol History of Hobart

Now, this is a walking tour with a difference! We know that walking tours have a bad reputation as being boring and dry but this one will change how you think about them forever!   Unless you have been under a rock for the past decade, you will have heard about how Hobart is leading the way as a producer for not just beer & wine but whisky, vodka, gin and cider as well.  This tour will not only give you a brief history of alcohol & Tasmania but will also give you the rundown on what’s changed and how this is has helped to shape Hobart as one of the most awarded producing destinations in the world! Oh, and you’ll get some tastings as well!


Need more ideas?  Ask our team, we’d be happy to share the others that didn’t quite make our list this time.