Are you a whisky lover?

Then ‘Lark’ is the word you need to remember. Bill Lark is known as the Godfather of Tasmanian whisky as he fought to overturn laws banning distilling Tasmania that had been around since the 1800’s. The Lark family has been distilling since 1992 and rumour has it, they’ve even sold a still or two to the Scottish. The Classic Cask Single Malt is amazing and well worth a try but if whisky isn’t your thing – they also make some great gin using local
ingredients like Tasmanian Pepperberries. You can visit the Lark cellar door just across from the Hotel on Davey Street.

So when did gin come back into fashion? And who would have thought that a bottle named ‘Poltergeist’ would taste so good and become so popular? We really like the unfiltered taste as it retains the full spectrum of flavour and aromas from the botanicals used. When mixed, it becomes slightly cloudy which isn’t unusual for an unfiltered gin. Created by the owners of Shene Estate, inspired by their passion for preserving the estate and creating a living museum, the distillery was established and the product of Poltergeist Gin was born. This gin will definitely warm the cockles of your heart.

Tasmania’s Hartshorn Distillery has scored the top gong at the World Vodka Awards 2018, winning best vodka for its Sheep Whey Vodka. The awards select the very best in international recognised style and promotes the world’s best vodka to consumers and traders across the globe. It’s the first time an Australian distiller has scored the trophy. With its unique sweet on the nose, mild fruity notes, caramel and sweet buttery taste, it’s definitely something you should taste test. You can even include this vodka or all the above spirits into your event. We are close friends with the producers themselves and have even had them come and join some of the events with our ‘Meet the Maker’ experience!

So what’s your poison?

1 – Lark Whisky

2 – Poltergeist Gin

3 – Hartshorn  Vodka 


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