We’ve got the booze for you

It’s no surprise to hear that you’ve been recommended a Tasmanian beverage at least once or twice before at your local bar or even at a special event.  Thanks to those roaring 40 winds, Tasmania boasts some of the cleanest air and water on the earth.  They may be a little crazy at times but we love the results when we get to enjoy spectacular fresh produce and International award-winning beverages as a result.

Tasmania has been a renowned world leading producer of quality beers, ciders and cool climate wines for some time now, but what really excites us are the amazing whisky, vodkas and gins that are now hitting bars across Australia.

Lucky for us, Hobart is home to some of the most creative minds in Australia when it comes to alcohol.  I mean, who else would have thought to create vodka out of sheep whey?  Thankfully our friends at Hartshorn Distillery & Grandvewe Cheese are happy to push the boundaries and not only produce some of the best sheep cheese you have ever had as well as the world’s best vodka (World Vodka Awards 2018).

More of a whisky fan?  We suggest you take a look at Sullivan’s Cove Whisky.  The team at Sullivan’s Cove has proved itself as a powerhouse player largely due to winning major awards at the prestigious World Whisky Awards over the last few years. They have recently pushed the boundaries again thanks to a record-breaking sale at a recent charity event held at British auction house Christie’s. A bottle of 2000 American Oak Single Cask Whisky sold for $11,800 to the lucky bidder and this whisky then went on to win the 2018 “Word’s Best Single Cask Single Malt”. Pretty good for a state that only lifted its ban of whisky production 20 years ago.

And let’s not forget what really put Tasmania on the map years ago, our amazing cool climate wine industry.  Over the years, Tasmania’s sparkling wine industry has come of age, with an extraordinary run of prestigious national and international awards. Australia’s most southern state is one of the most recognised and bestselling sparkling wine regions with Champagne snobs now preferring to drink Tassie sparkling over some of the more notable alternatives.

With a climate that closely resembles the French region of Champagne, it’s no wonder our island state has carved out a reputation for fantastic bottles of sparkling such as House of Arras, one of Tasmania’s most awarded wine brands.  Among the most popular vintages is award-winning Blanc de Blanc that has scooped best sparkling trophy at every capital city wine show that it has entered. I mean with its well-balanced flavours it is sure to please any palate on any occasion.

If you don’t believe us then take a look at some of the outstanding recognition that has been well received in recent years for our beverages. Yes, we are super proud and trust us they are all worthy of a mention.

If you’re not too sold on trying one of these International Award Winning Beverage options, then not to worry we’ve got plenty of options that have risen to fame in their own category among us locals.

We wouldn’t want to burst your bubbles with our suggestions – so why not make your own mind up and try our beverages for yourself.