We’ve Been Green For Years

Tasmania is known internationally for its clean, green way of life.  Our power is generated by wind and water, and we are constantly leading the other states of Australia with initiatives to help protect the environment. If you didn’t already know, Tasmania banned single-use plastic bags in 2013! That’s great you say, but how is [...]

Get Your Inner Foodie On

"Must Do Experiences" It’s no secret that Tasmania is a food lover’s heaven. Take a look at some of our top mini-adventures that we think you ought to consider when ticking the ‘Tassie foodie experience’ box.   “Paddock to Plate Tasmanian style at Fat Pig Farm & Agrarian Kitchen” Do you really want to experience [...]

It’s the small things!

We know that there is more to choosing a conference venue than just ticking all the boxes. When picking between venues, or even destinations, it can be the little things that you can’t quite put your finger on that really make all the difference. So what are these intangibles and why are they so important? [...]

True or False…

It’s no secret that we think Hobart is the perfect destination for your next event.  You think so too, but need some help to convince that one last person who’s holding up the decision?  Let us help you out with a few quick corrections to the most common arguments against Hobart being an amazing conference [...]

It’s Makeover Time

If you are one of the lucky people to visit us over the past few weeks then you are one of the very few people to get a sneak peek into the hive of activity on our Mezzanine Level. We’ve got a rare gap in our diary so we thought let’s make good use of [...]

3 Day Incentive In Hobart?

Adventure | Adrenaline | Best Tasmanian Produce “Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure” – Irving Wallace Does your team need a boost? Is it about time they were rewarded for their hard work and dedication? Why not say thank you in a way [...]

Seriously Low Food Miles

Paddock to plate, food miles, or local food may be the buzz words in the events industry at the moment, but in Tasmania, we don’t consider it a trend. It’s just how we live. Talk to any Tasmanian and they will tell you the best places to source whatever produce you need to create food [...]

Closer than ever before

From here, there and everywhere to Hobart in no time at all. Hobart has never been more accessible than it is right now. With direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth, your delegates will arrive relaxed and ready for a conference experience like no other. With all 4 major domestic airlines [...]