There is no mistaking that Hobart happens on its waterways. When an event is in town there is no better place to be than on the docks. The Hobart Conference and Exhibition Centre is perched above constitution dock with views over working fishing boats, motor cruisers and Sydney to Hobart wannabes.   A wide choice of accommodation surrounds the waterfront with options marrying Hobart’s relaxed style to its colonial heritage. Large, world-class dinner venues are located within walking distance and ferries to the outreaches of the city leave on the hour.

Hobart is Unlike Any Other Australian Capital City.

Australia’s second-oldest city remains small in scale and relaxed in atmosphere yet it is attracting worldwide attention. The past five years has seen a transformation of Tasmania’s capital. Hobart hasn’t grown up – it’s grown younger, more modern and more confident.

Hobart is downright cool and is home to a burgeoning cultural and arts scene.  The famous MONA has created a formidable reputation for its dark and often controversial take on modern art yet it is this type of cutting-edge creativity that has created an energetic and innovative conference and hospitality scene.

More eclectic still is the emerging restaurant scene. Australian foodies now flock to the state for Hobart’s paddock-to-plate gastronomy.  A fleet of new restaurants, some opened in historical, rehabilitated industrial space take advantage of Tasmania’s exceptional local produce. When Tourism Australia showcased its cuisine to the world in 2014’s Restaurant Australia launch they brought the world’s leading food boffins, including Heston Blumenthal, to Hobart, not Sydney or Melbourne.

Step out of your hotel and you can’t mistake that you are in Hobart. Every house has a view and every street leads to the bush. Perhaps this is why industry leaders in the fields of medical research, aquaculture, renewable energy, forestry and Antarctic studies (to name a few) populate the scenic suburbs of Hobart. Combine this with a University ranked amongst some of the best in the world and you’ll discover a city brimming with industry leaders eager to engage and inspire.

Hobart has one of the quickest airports to hotel transfers in Australia – You’ll tackle one set of traffic lights as you travel to the city centre. The taxi drivers dropping you from door to door take a genuine interest in your journey and set the tone for your interaction with the Tasmanian industry. The close-knit events community offer creative and innovative events solutions and if they can’t help you, chances are they know someone who can.

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