Tassie Twist, Drinks of Hobart

Because we take our findings seriously, it was only fair to take our team on a pub crawl. Don’t worry, no one was driving this time – everywhere we went was pretty much walking distance. That’s the beauty of Hobart.

To ease ourselves for the evening ahead, we thought we would go to our local favourite that’s only a block away, Hobart Brew & Co. We had a glass of Willie Smith’s Organic Original Cider. A good balanced cider that is sweet but not too sweet that you tend to find in and amongst the commercial ciders. For those who are not big on cider, Willie Smiths Bone Dry cider is one for you to try. It’s definitely refreshing and crisp. Hobart Brew & Co is a perfect space to sit down and enjoy the sun.

We then headed off to Salamanca to Watermans Beer Market and kept on with our cider streak. We tried a local favourite, Coal Valley Cider, which is definitely turning heads with its full body tasting beverage. We may have ordered a couple of rounds of this. Taking a 15 minute break to walk to our next pub was probably ideal for everyone at this point. Arriving at our third stop for the night we find ourselves at Shambles, somewhere in between the CBD and North Hobart. Owned by a former Teacher turned brewery owner, the range of beers on offer is definitely not for young kids.

You will find some interesting beer names on Shambles list that will hopefully intrigue you. We tried Social Misfit Double IPA, we’re not really sure why we picked this one but it was fruity and bitter all in one. It’s also a great gathering area for small or big groups of people.

Our last stop for the night was T-Bone Brewing (we were going to visit more). After already consuming a number of glasses (each) it was time for us to try a nightcap beer so we tried the Choc-Milk Stout. We were surprised with this one, hints of cocoa nibs and vanilla. We could only have one round of this. There are definitely many little hot spots all over Hobart to try local beer and cider it all just depends on where you want to go and what you want to drink.

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